About us

Educational Truss (eduTruss) provides comprehensive “Assessment Tool & Diagnostic Report” that help learner, with a personalized roadmap and guidance for learning. eduTruss empower learner to plan smartly, and structure his studies in a focused manner, that guarantees improvement. Based on personalized diagnostic report, learner plan and optimizes his effort, rather than squandering his effort in all directions. Through eduTruss diagnostic report, learner knows

  • Topics, where he is strong
  • Topics, where he needs more practice
  • Topics, where the learner is struggling, and fundamentally week

Besides offering, complete analytical and graphical analysis on individual learner’s knowledge, EduTruss offers comprehensive diagnostic report for the section, class and school overall. It empower teacher and school management, with overall class report, and help teacher, administrator to understand,

  • Topics, where overall class has done well
  • Topics, where overall class, needs more practice, and
  • Topics, where overall class is struggling, and needs additional time

EduTruss integrates modern assessment methods and uses inquiry, multiple intelligences, constructivism and discovery, among others, in helping learner and school to plan their studies smartly.